HyperCX Graphics Processing Units

Your next level low-cost, efficient, graphics-accelerated solution for your Virtual Machines.

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) have become the tool choice in computationally demanding fields such as scien-tific computing and machine learning. GPU capable VMs enables every virtual machine to get the same GPU benefits as a physical desktop. Because work that was typically done by the CPU has been offloaded to the GPU, the user has a much better experience and more users can be supported, besides enabling additional fields.

Using GPU to VM

  • In order to use a GPU card on a VM, it must be configured on the template first.
  • That template must be instantiated.
  • HyperCX's scheduler will find a host with the specified GPU available and will only deploy the VM in that host.

Why add GPU to VMs?

  • Increase in the number of graphics-accelerated VMs per host; supporting multiple users per physical GPU.
  • The virtual machine has full and direct access to the GPU, including the native graphics driver.
  • GPUs enable the completion of computationally intensive tasks much faster than conventional CPUs.