Power Behind the Business

Built on the industry’s leading Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) technology


Enable increased usability and higher efficiency for the provision of enhanced performance of the deployed application workloads. HyperCX Bento, with a fully-redundant design, allows high availability (HA), providing high-grade and absolutely resilient infrastructure.

Rapidly deploy, run, and control application workloads on the go without any prior knowledge 

Enjoy a Full-Stack Solution

HyperCX Bento integrates compute, storage, virtualization, and networking in a full-stack solution that runs nearly any application.

Improved Stability

With the fully automated deployment, and without human intervention, deployment times are reduced and desired outcomes are guaranteed.

An All-In-One Solution, Easily Manageable

The software-defined data center allows the ability to have software-defined storage, software-defined computing, and software-defined network.

An All-New Marketplace

Virtalus HyperCX provides some of the best open-source, fully automated existing appliances.

Integrated Monitoring System

Useful monitoring of data with proactive and reactive alerts sent via email in the new monitoring system.

Improved Usability

The user-friendly system allows enterprises to enjoy enhanced usability, with no need for high technical knowledge.

Cater All Your Application Needs

By integrating infrastructure and cloud-enabling services as a shared or dedicated utility, Virtalus HyperCX Bento delivers over 100 applications that address enterprise productivity needs.

Bare Metal Support for Containers

HyperCX provides LXD bare-metal service metal containers, ditching application-level containers, like Docker and Kubernetes, offering convenient migration from VMs to the containers.

Better Efficiency for Productivity Goals

HyperCX Bento, with the removal of unnecessary hardware and the dependency on them, helps meet your enterprise productivity goals with improved efficiency, thus saving your valuable time and costs.

Improved Performance for Improved Business

With the new Software-Defined Storage (SDS) system, HyperCX Bento now offers 2.5-4x better performance than ever before.