Disaster Recovery

Your worry-free and cost-smart solution for recovering from any mishap, big or small.

Virtalus has a cost-effective yet ultra-reliable solution for these challenges. Virtalus HyperCX provides cloud-based DR operating on exceedingly consistent shared infrastructure in different parts of the world. Backing up all your critical data & services, it enables recovery in no time.

Pre-Disaster Preparation

How do we do it for You?

With our best-in-line DISASTER RECOVERY plan, we backup data on remote clusters in two steps;

1 Initial Replication

  • As an initial set up of the cloud services, all your data is replicated to the HyperCX cloud in a remote location to prevent any disasters in your region from affecting your data.

2 Scheduled Backups

  • HyperCX schedules regular backup regimes to upload any new data from the client servers to the cloud into the remote clusters where the initial replica is saved. These backups ensure that absolutely no data is lost even in case of an unanticipated catastrophe.

Why opt for Virtalus DR?

Virtalus DR offers features crucial to developing resilient business operations;

  • Delta backup technology to backup images of Virtual machines to remote clusters.
  • Preventive measures saving you from extraneous dismay in time of false-alerts
  • Remote data centers around the globe to protect your data no matter what.
  • Easy to use platform to setup replication process from the ease of your browser.